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The recruiting world is being defined all the time. Below are some definitions of the word "affiliate", "importer", and "exporter" in the world of virtual recruiting.

Consider the following example
Let's say you are an agency (Agency A). Agency A has a job to fill and you need candidates to fill the job. Agency A has two main options in finding candidates. They can either try to fill it on their own - with their own recruiting staff and resources. Or Agency A can seek the services to use the services of another firm or individual to help them in their search for candidates. This other firm or individual, I'll call Agency B.

So in the example above, Agency A is an affiliate to Agency B. At the same time Agency B is an affiliate to Agency A. They are affiliates to each other because, they are using another entity to either help find candidates (Agency B) or to find a job requirement that needs to be filled (Agency A).

The entity that has the job is called the importer. Agency A is the importer in the example above, because they are the ones providing the job that needs to be filled.

Agency B is the exporter because they are the one providing candidates for the job.


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