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Recruiting Coordinator Freelance Partner



We can find recruiting freelancing, contract, or project-based Recruiting Coordinator or HR Coordinator opportunities. Our Coordinators to partner with us to close and do good fitting Coordinator opportunities.

Projects are either short term (2-4 weeks but could extend) and part time (10-25 hours a week) or long term (3+ months) and full time. All are remote.



* Desire to partner with another company to help you find coordinator opportunities.

* Must have a marketable resume showing your solid coordinating experience for the last 2+ years.

* Recruiting Coordinators should have experience doing typical coordinator duties such as writing and posting job descriptions, screen and evaluate resumes of applicants, updating Applicant Tracking Systems, scheduling interviews with candidates and hiring managers, checking references, conducting background checks, writing offer letters, etc depending on the employer.

* Must have the skill to work with a new client or hiring manager, listen to their needs, and come up with a solution to meet their recruiting needs.

* Must eagerly be able to create a profile on a freelancing website.


Like to Have

* Strong ability to work with new clients or hiring managers, listen to their needs, and close deals in a timely manner.

* Ability to work multiple projects at a time if desired.

* Experience with Startups or Tech companies are a plus.



For many opportunities you get to keep 75% of whatever we bill the client.

This includes all platform and agency fees.

For example, if we bill $40/hour to the client, you keep $30/hour.

To Apply

Email your resume and a cover letter to:

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