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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Are virtual recruiters employees or 1099 contractors for Melon Sky?
A - Virtual recruiters are 1099 contractors.


Q- Are there any costs or fees associated with becoming a Melon Sky Virtual Recruiter?
A-Melon Sky will never require training fees, monthly fees to access software, or any other fees or payments. The only costs that you will most likely incur are those that you incur in establishing & running your home office (i.e. computer, internet, phone, copier, printer, etc) in the course of managing the responsibilities of these virtual positions. Melon Sky will never require any kind of money from you for any reason.


Q - How soon are virtual recruiters paid after they make a placement?
A - Melon Sky understands the value of paying virtual recruiters as quickly as possible. Thus, it is our policy to pay virtual recruiters within two weeks after we receive payment from our client for a contingent placement. However, for our project based work we generally pay within a week of receiving your invoice. We pay via PayPal.


Q - How soon do clients pay Melon Sky?
A- It depends. The terms of agreement between Melon Sky and each client is different. Generally we like to stick to the industry standard of of payment within 90 days of the start date of the employee (for a direct hire).

Q - Is a virtual recruiter required to do sales or business development?
A -Melon Sky treats recruiting and business development completely separate from each other. Thus a virtual recruiter will not be required to do any kind of sales or business development.


Q - What if I want to do business development or learn how to do sales? Do I have that opportunity here?
A- Eventually. Melon Sky plans on expanding this part of the operations soon. Melon Sky will either hire more business developers from the outside or promote someone from within. Again, Melon Sky treats recruiting completely separate from business development. Some may choose the business development path due to the opportunity for professional growth (develop sales and negotiation skills; learn how to interact with client) and the opportunity to earn much more income.


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