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Google Ads Mid-level Freelance Partner
(Remote- USA based only)


We can find Google Ads Specialist freelance projects. Now, we need more freelancers to help partner with us to help close and work the projects. At this point, we are seeking freelancer who are seeking projects upto $43/hour.

Projects are of various lengths and terms (e.g short term (2-4 weeks but could extend), part time (10-25 hours a week), long term (3+ months), full time (40 or more hours a week), project based).


* Desire to partner with a Recruiting Agency to help find you Google Ads freelancing projects.
* Must have a marketable resume showing your expert level experience in Google Ads for the last 2+ years.

* MUST be able to respond to client messages FAST (sooner the better, ideally within a couple hours).

* Strong ability to work with potential clients, listen to their needs, collaboratively come up with a solution for their needs, and even negotiate your own hourly rate.

* Must show experience and expertise in some if not most of the following: planning campaigns, creating Google Ads campaigns, data reporting and analysis, write copy for Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEMrush or other marketing platform, and optimize and manage campaigns independently.


Like to Have

* Ability to work multiple projects at a time if desired.

* The bandwidth to work a full-time hour's project is desired but not required.

* Experience working with startups and small emerging companies.


You get to keep 75% of whatever we bill the client.

This includes all platform and agency fees.

For example, if we bill $40/hour to the client, you keep $30/hour.

Experts have the ability to earn $70+/hour or more depending on the market and how skilled you are.

To Apply

If you are a mid-level specialist in Google Ads then we at the least want to talk to you to see how we can help each other. We promise to take our time to really listen to find out who you are are, your skill set, and what you are really seeking.

In your cover letter please answer these 3 questions:

1) Tell me your level of desire to partner with another company to help you find freelancing or project based Google Ads expert projects?

2) If we decide to work together you will need to create a profile on a freelancer website, will you eagerly do so?

3) Why do you say you a Google Ads Specialist?

Email your resume and a cover letter to:

Candidates must be based in the USA.

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