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Patent Attorney or Specialist Agency Team Member


We are an established freelancer agency in need of a Patent Attorney or Specialist freelancer.  We will work together to find the freelancer projects on a very popular freelancing website.

Must Have's
- Experience in some of the following: patent litigation, patent filing, responses and amendments, conduct patent searches, provide patent legal advice,
- Strong knowledge of patent office procedures
- Fast response. Must respond to employer messages, emails and calls asap (ideally within 2 hours).
- Excellent communication and customer service skills.
- Availability and eagerness to increase the number of their freelance projects.

Like to Have's
- Ability to work 20+ hours a week (ideally 30+ hours).
- Being a Patent Attorney is highly desirable but not required.

Advantages of getting chosen to associate with our agency
- Save Time. Opportunities are brought to you.
- Use Our Expertise. We specialize in matching freelancers with employers.


75% of whatever we bill the client.

This includes all platform and agency fees.

For example, if we bill $100/hour to the client, you keep $75/hour.

Projects generally pay in the $100-$160/hour range.

To Apply

Email your resume and a cover letter to:

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