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Sample Candidate Write Up

Candidate Write up to send along with resume after you phone screen and qualify a candidate:



Candidate Name has passed my initial phone screen for the Software Engineer position
in Lake Forest, IL. 

The following is a summary of the phone screen:

LOCATION: Brian lives in Antioch, IL so the commute is acceptable to Lake
Forest, IL.
EXPERIENCE: 10+ years of relevant experience in Software Engineering. Includes extensive experience with full life cycle software development including developing, coding, testing, and implementing.
SALARY: Candidate fits the salary expectations. The candidate's last verifiable salary was $80,000/year.
COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Great.  Enthusiastic personality.

OTHER NOTES: Brian can start ASAP.  He was recently downsized at his last job for the AMA and is ready to start working.


Brian is expecting a call.  He can be reached anytime at 847-603-xxxx.  If he's not there he might have run out for a sec - feel free to try his cell at 847-875-xxxx.




Please save all resumes with format:
"candidate name - resume"
e.g. "John Smith - resume"


When you submit a candidate please put subject line in this format:
"candidate name - submittal for XYZ position
e.g. "John Smith - candidate for software engineer position" 


Other notes
* Please save all resumes in word or text format. Please no web resumes or resumes in PDF.
* Please review the resume prior to submittal. Look for spelling or gramatical errors; poor formatting; weak objuective statements, etc. Anything you can do to have the resume make a good first impression will be very helpful.

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