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Our Services

In this rapidly changing world, freelancing is a strong option for employers. But employers need to connect with freelancers and freelancers need to connect with employers. This is where Melon Sky Corporation comes in. We help employers connect with freelancers and freelancers connect with employers.

Freelancers Connecting with Employers

If you are a freelancer wanting to connect with employers, we can help you.

Helping Freelance Recruiters Land Projects

For over 7 years we have helped Recruiting and Recruiting Coordinators find freelance projects.

Employers Connecting with Freelancers

If you are an employer looking for a freelancer, we can help you find a freelancer

Helping Freelance Social Media and Marketing Freelancers Land Projects

In the rapidly growing and exciting world of Social Media and Marketing, we help freelancers find projects.

What Our Clients Say

Isy Goldwasser.jpg

Isy Goldwasser, Advisor to CEO, CapsoVision, Inc

"We hired their agency to  recruit 1099 sales representatives nation wide and they executed the project with high quality, speed, and professionalism. They work independently and is highly responsive."

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