Virtual Recruiting Plan

Information We Will Provide You

  • Access to our open job orders and projects

  • Job and project information

  • Submittal instructions

  • Amount of commission (typically $750-$12,000 per placement) or the amount we pay for the project. This could be a one time fee for successful completion of a project,an hourly rate, a fixed dollar amount per qualified submittal, or other type of payment


Your Duties

  • Online candidate searching.

  • Telephone/email candidate screens.

  • Email us the resume and brief write up (we will show you format) of the candidate so that we can submit the candidate directly to the client or the Account Manager. Each job has specific submittal instructions.

  • In some cases, you will be asked to do an additional write up or some other work with the candidate, but for the most part you will be only involved in finding and submitting candidates. Someone else will handle official submittals to clients, setting up interviews, offers, etc.

What You Will Need

  • Your own phone (cell phone or landline)

  • Computer/personal device

  • Your own personal email. (We will not provide an email, applicant tracking system, or any kind of software or passwords)

How to Become a Virtual Recruiter

  • After reviewing this Virtual Recruiting Plan, if you are ready to go then press the Sign-Up Button at the end of the plan.

  • Understand that you DO NOT work for Melon Sky, Inc.  You work for yourself.

Hours of Work

For contingent recruiting:

The glory about being a Virtual Recruiter is you can work whenever and however many hours per week you want to.  We recommend to start out with 0-10 hours per week or 0-2 hours per day until you get into the flow and get some candidates moving along in the process.

For projects:
Hours vary depending on the project. It could be full time or part time hours.

​How and When you Get Paid

For contingent recruiting:

We try to get clients that pay the recruiter in the fastest time possible.

We have clients that pay Melon Sky within 30 days from the candidate’s date of hire. We then pay you as soon as possible after that. However, most clients pay after a 90 day guarantee period.

We have other clients that pay us, where their job order has a guarantee time period wherein if the candidate that we place is either terminated or quits within a certain period of time we either replace them with another candidate, render a refund, or sometimes a partial refund.  With that said, the commission that you will earn will not be disbursed to you until that guarantee time period has run.  Therefore, you will have a pipeline which means you may not get your first check for more than 90 days.

We have other clients that pay us a percentage of the sales reps revenue. So the virtual recruiter will get paid soon after the sales reps begins generating revenue.

There is no direct deposit as of yet.  Company checks from Melon Sky will be cut and U.S. mailed to your designated address.   We prefer to pay via Pay Pal so you can get paid instantly. You will receive a 1099 each year. You will complete a W9 tax form as required by the IRS after you receive your first commission check.

Because you are an Independent Contractor, taxes will not be taken out of your checks and there are no benefits.  You are basically working for yourself and have your own Virtual Recruiting business.  

For projects:

We pay within one week of receiving your Pay Pal invoice. This is usually either weekly or bi-weekly.

Commission Amounts

You will have access to all open job orders and may pick and choose which ones you want to work on. Note there may be other virtual recruiters working on the same job orders you are working on. There may be other staffing firms working on the same job orders you are working on.  If 2 different virtual recruiters submit the same candidate to me for the same job, the first submission will be honored.

Your commission is based upon 50% of the total fee paid to Melon Sky.  Or, you will be paid a flat per as designated in the Jobs Page. Each client has a different fee agreement with Melon Sky so the average placement fee varies.


Below are examples of real payouts to recruiters:

Class A Delivery Driver - Avg annual comp about $49,000/year - $1,100 commission to recruiter

Sales Manager -salary $151,000 -$11,000 commission to recruiter

Custody Consultant - salary $130,000 - $9,000 commission to recruiter

Financial Writer sourcing project - $37 per qualified candidate submitted that said would complete an application.

VOIP Engineer- $90 per qualified candidate submitted that passed a quick initial screen.


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After reviewing this plan, if you are ready to go, then Signup by clicking Sign up button at bottom of page. By signing up, your email address will go on an email list that will send you notifications whenever we have new projects.

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