We have a way of finding lots of recruiting freelancing opportunities. We need additional recruiters to do projects.
Our experience says that we'll have some recruiting projects that are short term (2-4 weeks but could extend) and part time (10-25 hours a week) and others that are full time.

* Desire to partner with another company to help you find freelancing recruiting opportunities.
* Must have a marketable resume showing your solid recruiting experience for the last 3+ years.
* Solid sourcing and screening skills.
* Must have the skill to work with a new client or hiring manager, listen to their needs, and come up with a solution to meet their recruiting needs.
* Access to their own job boards and resources to find candidates.

Like to Have
* Versatile recruiter with experience in various industries and in various fields. (e.g. sales recruiting, technical recruiter, high volume recruiting, start up recruiting etc).
* Strong ability to work with new clients or hiring managers, listen to their needs, and close deals in a timely manner.
*Ability to work multiple recruiting projects at a time.

Most projects pay hourly or a fixed weekly rate.

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