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Freelance Contract Recruiter Partner
(remote, must be USA based)

We have a way of finding lots of recruiting freelancing opportunities. We need additional recruiters to do projects.
Our experience says that we'll have some recruiting projects that are short term (2-4 weeks but could extend) and part time (10-25 hours a week) and others that are full time.

* Desire to partner with another company to help you find freelancing recruiting opportunities.
* Must have a marketable resume showing your solid recruiting experience for the last 3+ years.
* Solid sourcing and screening skills.
* Must have the skill to work with a new client or hiring manager, listen to their needs, and come up with a solution to meet their recruiting needs.
* Access to their own job boards and resources to find candidates.

Like to Have
* Versatile recruiter with experience in various industries and in various fields. (e.g. sales recruiting, technical recruiter, high volume recruiting, start up recruiting etc).
* Strong ability to work with new clients or hiring managers, listen to their needs, and close deals in a timely manner.
*Ability to work multiple recruiting projects at a time.

Most projects pay hourly or a fixed weekly rate.

To Apply
In your cover letter please answer these 3 questions:

1) Tell me your level of desire to partner with another company to help you find freelancing or project based Social Media and/or Marketing opportunities?

2) If we decide to work together you will need to create a profile on a freelancer website, will you eagerly do so?

3) What one or two specific niche area(s) in marketing do you feel you are an expert at and why do you say that?

Email your resume and a cover letter to:

Candidates must be based in the USA.

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