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Virtual Recruiting Sales Partner

Melon Sky Corporation was founded in 2008. Since then we have developed a team of hundreds of independent individual and company Virtual Recruiters. We do only one thing. We work with other staffing companies, search firms, or individuals that have job requirements. If they can provide us the jobs, we provide the recruiters to work on the jobs.


​​How Melon Sky works

You want the best candidates for your jobs.

You may already use job boards or spend lots of time and resources trying to find candidates yourself.

But you want to do it with a more effective use of your time and resources.
This is where Melon Sky - a leader in virtual recruiting comes in.

Melon Sky finds candidates for your jobs fast while saving you time.

Once your job or project goes live on the Melon Sky jobs page, our exclusive list hundreds of independent virtual recruiters and agencies search for qualified candidates to fill your positions.

From there our virtual recruiters submit candidates directly to you for your review.

Features and benefits of partnering with Melon Sky.

  • Access to specialized virtual recruiters. We have spent the last several years finding, screening, vetting, and making sure we have the right type of recruiters who specialize in working this type of model.

  • You focus on finding jobs, we focus on filling your jobs- By working with Melon Sky, you can focus on finding new clients or maintaining your current clients, while you have the assurance that you will have a team of recruiters working on your job requirements.

  • Flexibility- Each recruiting situation is different. We can custom create a recruiting process that meets your needs. You either post a job on our jobs page for our Virtual Recruiters to recruit or you can post a recruiting related project. Whether it is sourcing, screening, reviewing resumes. creating lists, the full life cycle, or whatever the project is, you can post it on our jobs page.

  • Flexibility in payment-We can pay our recruiters any way that makes sense. We can structure a compensation plan that pays hourly, salary, contingent, or something in between.

  • Ability to use a dedicated resource- If your only want one person or a few people to work on your project. We can make that happen.

  • Self service- You post the job or project on our jobs page. Once the job goes live it is instantly accessible to hundreds of our virtual recruiters and agencies.

  • Make more money-With the power of leverage of using the Melon Sky system, you will be able to fill more positions at a faster rate. This means more money for you.


To start a discussion on how we can possibly work together contact us.


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