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Compensation Plan to Virtual Recruiters

As a Melon Sky Virtual Recruiter, if you find a candidate and that candidate eventually becomes a producing Executive Recruiter for Team-ELS, you will be paid 50% of what we collect from Team-ELS. They have agreed to pay Melon Sky 3% of the employee’s first year annual billing, 2% of the candidates second year billing, and 1% of the candidates third year billing be paid upon receipt of payment from clients.


Simple Theoretical Example of a compensation to a Virtual Recruiter.

Let’s say you as a Virtual Recruiter finds and gets an Executive Recruiter hired. Below is a table  which calculates  how much, you as a Virtual Recruiter would get paid -last column (total virtual recruiter payout) This assumes the Executive Recruiter stays with the company for 3 years and produces average billings amount per the table.







Note: Some of the top Executive Recruiters in this industry have some years where they have  annual billing of over $1,000,000. So, if you find a super star, there is a potential to make big money. Or if you are good at finding recruiters, you can make money on volume.


Melon Sky Corporation will pay the virtual recruiter within one week of when Melon Sky gets paid.

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