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Intellectual Property Attorney or Specialist Agency Team Member


We are an established freelancer agency in need of an Intellectual Property Specialist freelancer.  We will work together to find the freelancer projects on a very popular freelancing website.

Must Have's
- Experience in one or more of the following Intellectual Property, Patent Attorney, and/or Trademark.
- Experience and solid ability in deliverables such as drafting, drawings, filing, any potential office actions, renewals, amendments, and anything else you see fit.
- Fast response. Must respond to employer messages, emails and calls asap (ideally within 2 hours).
- Excellent communication and customer service skills.
- Availability and eagerness to increase the number of their freelance projects.

Like to Have's
- Ability to work 20+ hours a week (ideally 30+ hours).
- Being an IP Attorney is highly desirable but not required.

Advantages of getting chosen to associate with our agency
- Save Time. Opportunities are brought to you.
- Use Our Expertise. We specialize in matching freelancers with employers.


75% of whatever we bill the client.

This includes all platform and agency fees.

For example, if we bill $100/hour to the client, you keep $75/hour.

To Apply

Email your resume and a cover letter to:

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