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Facts About Team-ELS

  1. ELS was established in June of 2003

  2. 27 Executive Recruiters on staff make our firm small enough to care and yet we are

large enough to have all the tools to complete a successful search.

   3. Specializing in Recruiting Executives within the Retail, Gasoline, Petroleum

Marketing, Upstream and Downstream Oil, Science & Engineering as well as Suppliers to these niches

  4. President & CEO is the past President of the Pinnacle Society, a consortium of the 75

highest volume recruiters in North America. In 2009 Brian was awarded the highest volume recruiter award and since 2009 has billed over $1M per year in personal desk production. Brian is also constantly quoted by publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes Magazine, as well as industry trade publications concerning recruiting and employment trends.

 5.  Tenured Staff-Our Senior Executive Recruiters have over 150 years of combined recruiting experience with an average tenure of 8 years with our firm. In an industry with high turnover, our clients can expect to have and build long-term relationships with our staff.

 6. Our President/CEO and Chief Placement Officer have a combined 34 years of recruiting experience.

Our 6 Step Recruiting Process:

1) Identification: In-depth analysis of position specifications, careful gathering of requirements with a “Value” focus, results-oriented experience which effectively “sells“ company attributes so the most successful candidate is retained.

2) Research: Strategic planning for the most effective means for sourcing target candidates. Extensive integration of industry resources, virtual communities, magazines, and proven, cold calling approaches.

3) Recruiting: Supported by an extensive database of candidates and companies, potential candidates are actively sought from direct competitors and parallel industries located locally, regionally or nationally.

4) Assessment: The most important step in the process.  Combining behavioral and targeted interviewing techniques, clients are ensured that the candidates presented possess all necessary, as well as many desired skill sets which will prove their value as an exceptional performer within the company.

5) Interviewing: Complete and honest feedback coupled with tailored advice during the entire interview process thus ensuring a smooth and seamless hiring transition.

6) Acceptance: Consultation and negotiation of all elements surrounding an employment offer.  “Hands-on” involvement to ensure that the candidate identified…gets hired and stays hired.




Fact 1: Average number of days from the day you get a job order until you have 3 candidates submitted is: 8 business days

Fact 2: Average number of days from the day we get a job order until we have an offer is: 42 business days

STORY: Speed of the placements depends as much on the client as our work. Timely feedback on candidates submitted, arrangement of interviews on as quick a basis as possible, and constant communication determine how fast we can fill our client’s opportunities. In 2017 we closed one placement within 5 business days of receiving the search. In that time frame the client conducted 6 telephone interviews and 2 personal interviews. In another case it took 187 days to close a placement. In the case of this search the candidate that was placed was presented by our firm on day 3 of the search.


Fact 1: Percentage of candidates submitted in 2017 that were brought in for personal interviews: 27.2%

STORY: This is a good percentage given the fact that we will present 4 to 10 candidates on each search!

Accepted Offers/Show-ups

Fact 1: What percentage of offers you received in 2017 were accepted: 82.6%

STORY: One client had 3 offers turned down by our candidates. On each offer the client made an employment offer well below the financial compensation given to us when we were engaged. After meeting to discuss the need for accepting our counsel we gave on each candidate’s expectations, the next 6 offers were accepted.


Fact 1: Percentage of the people place 5 years ago is still at the company: 79.2%

Fact 2: Percentage of the people who have stayed that have been promoted: 68.6%

Finder of New & Fresh Talent

Fact 1: Percentage of candidates placed in 2017 not in ELS database until cold call recruited for a particular search: 28.3%

Fact 2: Percentage of the people placed in 2017 that where recruited: 73.3%

STORY: We do a full search and use every resource available to find the right candidate. However, most of our candidates come from constant networking by a team of senior recruiters and recruiting analysts.



Finding Quality Candidates:

  • We filled over 75% of the contingency Direct Hire positions we are assigned – that’s DOUBLE the national average.

  • Our “Golden Rule” of Recruiting –

    • We will never send a candidate to a client who doesn’t meet all 3 of following criteria:

      • Must meet 90% or higher of the skills a client specifies

      • Must be willing to work within the salary range the client specifies

      • Candidate must be motivated by something other than the money.


  • Strength of our Database:

    • Over 683,000 candidates in our database. Of those over 98,000 of these candidates have 2 things in common:

      • The bulk of their real life working experience is in YOUR NICHE.

      • Majority of them do not have their resumes on any job board they rely on us to make them aware of opportunities.

  • Strength of our Team

    • At any moment we can put over a dozen people on a campaign to Directly Recruit for your position.

    • Review our staff on our website. Almost everyone of our team of Senior Recruiters previously served as executives in the industry they now recruit for. Our people understand your industry or specific job need.

    • We have people who specialize in the core areas – we partner with them to do a DOUBLE screening on all candidates submitted.

  • Again, Our candidates STAY.

    • Over 79% of all the candidates we placed 5 years ago are still with the company we placed them at.


Finding Candidates Quickly:

  • Typically from the day we get an assignment until the day you have 3 people to interview is less than 21 days.

  • We typically contact over 120 people per assignment.

Compensation plan for virtual recruiters

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